Ethics And Guidelines

About Labari Media Group

Labari Media Group is a media company which focuses on connecting with curious audiences on stories and trends in the Ghanaian society. We are working on improving the future of content publication.


Any content featured on a Labari Media's network website and social media accounts that is paid for by a particular company or advertiser or that is developed by our internal team will clearly marked as “Advertiser Content”.

Advertisements do not reflect the views of Labari Media Group or our content team.

Corrections, Updates and Deletions

Labari Media makes every effort for content to be completely accurate upon publication. If a correction is required, we will update a story if new information either adds to or corrects an aspect of the original story. We will issue corrections for a factual error or if a typo in our publications.We almost always leave all editorial content live, with notes and corrections as needed.

We may, in rare instances, remove content from our websites, social media pages, or related platforms for legal reasons or other circumstances.


Labari Media obtains news and content from a variety of sources.  We make best efforts to confirm the veracity of the information provided by anonymous sources and will not include any information we have not thoroughly vetted.

Ethics and Guidelines

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